Destination Price
London, United Kingdoms NTD$13,241up
London, Manchester NTD$20,298up
Amsterdam, Holland NTD$20,400up
Munich, Germany NTD$22,581up
Berlin, Germany NTD$22,581up
Frankfurt, Germany NTD$13,241up
Moscow, Russia NTD$13,241up
St. Petersburg, Russia NTD$26,215up
Copenhagen, Denmark NTD$22,581up
Helsinki, Finland NTD$26,215up
Athens, Greece NTD$25,500up
Budapest, Hungary NTD$22,581up
Dublin, Ireland NTD$25,000up
Zagreb, Croatia NTD$27,000up
Stockholm, Sweden NTD$22,581up
Bern, Switzerland NTD$27,606up
Sofia, Bulgaria NTD$24,500up
Bucharest, Romania NTD$26,215up
Destination Price
Paris, France NTD$13,241up
Marseilles, France NTD$27,606up
Bordeaux, France NTD$22,581up
Madrid, Spain NTD$22,581up
Barcelona, Spain NTD$22,581up
Malaga, Spain NTD$22,581up
Florence, Italy NTD$27,606up
Rome, Italy NTD$15,540up
Milan, Italy NTD$22,581up
Venice, Italy NTD$24,500up
Vienna, Austria NTD$22,581up
Innsbruck, Austria NTD$27,606up
Luxemburg NTD$25,000up
Oslo, Norway NTD$24,500up
Kiev, Ukraine NTD$26,215up
Brussels, Belgium NTD$21,715up
Prague, Czechoslovakia NTD$22,581up
* Please note that prices are based on seat availability at the time of booking as well as taxes, airport fees and fuel surcharges.