(3) 3 months –Single entry China Visa for US/British/Russian Passport Holders (ARC is necessary)

30 day maximum stay period per visit (15 days for the first applicant is maximum stay period per visit)

Visa requires at least 12 working days to process (weekends and national holidays not included)

Application Fee: US Passport NT$8500, British Passport NT$7500, Russian Passport NT$4400

The applicant for the following country can only apply China Visa by yours elf for the first time: Thailand Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Tunisia, Angola, Cameroon, Gambia, Senegal, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Kenya.

Special Notice: China Embassy will reject the applicant who once visited the follow country. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, South Sudan, Egypt, Mauritania, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Iran, Mali, Sri Lanka, Congo, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Tunisia.


1.) Needs to fill out the Information Form, customer should provide a Taiwan contact number and address
2.) 2 Two inch color passport photos with white background. (Head size: 2.8-3.3cm)

Passport (If your current passport was issued after 2015, please provide your previous passport)

a.) Must have 6 months or more validity left on the passport. (There should be a latest Taiwan entry stamp in your passport.)
If you use automated immigration clearance system(e-Gate), you need to apply Certificate of Entry and Exit Dates. (Certificate application fee is NT300.)
b.) Passport must have at least 2 blank pages.
If you have previously ever applied for a Mainland China Visa please provide the most recent previous Mainland China Visa that you have applied for. Please note that if that visa is in an old passport you will need to provide the old passport with that visa in order to apply for a new Mainland China Visa.

Proof of Employment

a.) A letter on official company letter head including, company name, address, phone number, dates of employment in A.D, as well as position in the company and work duties and the letter must be stamped with the company seal. In general, the company in Taiwan has two company seals , one is for company, another one is for owner. If you do not have, we can help you to send first to see if it is acceptable. A name card is not an acceptable document.
b.) Proof of Student - A copy of both the front and back of the student ID. (Please remark school name, address and phone number on the paper.)

A copy of both the front and back of their ARC.

a.) ARC must have six months or more validity left.


Two copy of e-ticket (ticket booking should be paid and confirmed by airline.)


Two copy of hotel voucher (hotel booking should be paid and confirmed by hotel, applicant’s name should be on the list as well)

a.) If you stay in friends or relatives house, please provide their invitation, a copy of both the front and back of Chinese ID and their copy of “lease contract” or “Property Ownership Agreement”.
Invitation Content:
-Your friend or relatives state that you (must bring up your name) will live in their house.
-Staying period in your friend or relatives’ house, travel period in China, travel place, your passport number.
-Your friend or relatives name, address, contact number and signature.

Other documentation 1

a.) If individual (female only) is staying in Taiwan for their spouse, they must provide a copy of the spouse’s passport, a copy of spouse’s most recent previous Mainland China Visa and a copy of their marriage certificate.
b.) If individual is under 18 and staying in Taiwan with their parents they must provide a copy of both parents passports, copy of parents’ most recent previous Mainland China Visa and a copy of their birth certificate.

Other documentation 2

a.) If you have an oriental face and have a foreign passport and it is your first time applying for a Mainland China visa you must provide a copy of one of your parents passports and a copy of your birth certificate.
(If your parents don’t have foreign passport or green card you cannot apply China visa)

Please note that we cannot guarantee the approval of the visa application, as it is dependent upon the government of the country of application. If your visa is not approved the application fee will not be refunded.


The information above is the current reference. The application policy and fee may be updated by China Embassy, please contact us for updating the new rules and application fee for your application.